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Choir/Chorus, Contractor

"Ain't It Fun" is a song by an American rock band

Artist: Paramore

Song: "It Ain't Fun"

Album: Paramore

Released: 2014


Lyrics: Don't go crying to your mama / 'Cause you're on you're own, in the real world...

Paramore's song "Ain't It Fun" didn't just help Hayley Williams,it also earned her and her bandmates a GRAMMY nomination. On February 8, 2015, the song won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song at the 57th ceremony, becoming Paramore's first Grammy win.

Choir/Chorus, Contractor

"Heart of Steel" is a song by Swedish indie pop singer Lykki Li

Artist: Lykke Li

Song: "Heart of Steel'

Album: I Never Learn

Released: 2014



Oh heart of steel, don't kill thy song. That sings so we, can heal the harm inside...

4 times Swedish Grammy Award Winner -Lykke Li (indie pop singer-songwriter) most recent album, I Never Learn, was released in 2014, and Vincent Brantley Ent. choir featured on the 8th track: "Heart of Steel." 

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