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Vincent Brantley, who started his career as a film maker in 2009, has already established himself as a writer/

director on two features, HOPELESSLY IN JUNE (2012), a quirky romantic comedy starring Keith David, and ROAD BACK (2017) a documentary about recovery and heroin addiction.

Vincent Brantley started with his ambitions in music as a sickly kid armed with only a strong will, and unusual talent. He was raised in the tough street of South Central LA and broke out on the national scene when he co-wrote, co-produced, and played all the instruments with Rick Timas on "Cool It Now," a million-selling number one R&B/number four pop hit for New Edition.
Their New Edition album held the number one R&B spot for five weeks and made it to number six pop, selling three million copies.  Brantley and Timas produced New Edition's "Count Me Out," number two R&B for two weeks, and the album tracks "Let's Be Friends" and "Kickback" for the group's platinum LP All For Love (number three R&B). 

Vincent has worked with dozens of music stars on every major label. Most recently working on albums with Paramore (2015) Grammy winner, and Ziggy Marley (2015) Grammy winner.  
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