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Hopelessly In June



Daleon Myers' failure to find his one true love continues to disappoint his overbearing family. His prayers are answered when he hopelessly falls for June Flowers, a beautiful Los Angeles businesswoman. Everything is going well for the star-crossed lovers.... until their families cross paths. When the traditional, ultra-conservative Myers meet the laid-back liberal Flowers, any hope of civility is tossed out the window. In a mad rush to the altar, Daleon and June learn what it means to be hopeless romantics.



Year of production: 2011

Running Time: 93 min

Comedy | Romance


Director: Vincent Brantley


Writers: Marty Blackshear (as Marlton Blackshear) , Vincent Brantley



Vincent Brantley      ... Daleon Myers
Carolyn Neff            ... June Flowers
Peter Jason             ... Frankie Flowers
Keith David             ... Dalbert Myers
Stuart Pankin           ... Francaise Flowers
Edward Asner         ... Rabbi
Ella Joyce                ... Mrs. Myers
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister  ... Pastor G
Johnny Gill               ... Pastor Higgins
Keith Robinson         ... Blair Callahan

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